Light Table Hack Night

13 Jan 2015 - Rob Attorri

Back in November we released v0.7.0 and made some big announcements about our new committers and turning Light Table and its documentation over to the community, but we left a couple things still up in the air that I’m happy to announce today - our new hire who will be spending part of his time working on Light Table, and also the inaugural Light Table Hack Night at our new office.

Meet the new guy

I’m extremely pleased to announce that we’ve brought on one of our commiters, Josh Cole, as our next hire. We named him as one of the new committers in the last blog post but he was still finishing up a project at his previous job and we wanted to let him finish that before we publicized his employment here. Josh caught our attention some time ago as a contributor to Light Table, most notably in November 2013 when he wrote his first LT plugin, Claire, a couple months before we open sourced Light Table and released the API for plugins, which left us duly impressed. He followed that up with another plugin called Recall and has been a standout in the community ever since. When we announced Eve and started looking for developers he got in touch with us, and the rest, as they say, is history. While we are still working primarily on Eve, Josh expressed a vested interest in continuing to further Light Table and will be spending a day per week or so working on that.

Hack Night

Good news everyone! We bought a table. A real, honest-to-goodness table that multiple people can sit around and dine, converse, work, and collaborate. Not only are we very proud of this development and the inherent progress it represents for our company but also excited for the events it will enable us to host. Our first Light Table hack night will take place on the night of January 28, starting around 7pm at our SOMA office in downtown San Francisco. If you’re in town and want to come voice your opinion for the future of Light Table, eat pizza and beer, and hack away, we’d love to have you. There will be plenty of stickers and t-shirts, so if you didn’t get any goodies back in the day from Kickstarter, this is a great opportunity to come stock up. We’ll be releasing the precise details and address on our discussion group soon, so sign up if you’re interested in participating but aren’t in the group yet, and keep your eye out for the thread. We look forward to seeing you!