Light Table 0.6.7

10 Jul 2014 - Chris Granger

I just pushed 0.6.7, which while a small release has a few important bug fixes. There’s been a weird seemingly random issue with saving and sometimes evaling that forced you to switch tabs to get things correct again. That has finally been tracked down and fixed. Proxy support was added, initial load of workspace behaviors was fixed, and creating a clojure client by selecting a project.clj has been cleared up to. Thanks to everyone who contributed!


  • FIX: Workspace behaviors do not correctly take effect on startup (mortalapeman)
  • FIX: Focus issues that cause weird save/eval behavior. (ibdknox)
  • FIX: fix default theme issues (ibdknox & skrat)
  • FIX: Ignore drag events so that “null” doesn’t get input into the editor (ibdknox)
  • FIX: line ending preservation was broken #359 (ibdknox)
  • FIX: Clojure client couldn’t be created from the add connection menu (ibdknox)
  • FIX: CSS save issue (ibdknox)
  • ADDED: proxy support via http_proxy and https_proxy env vars (sethyuan)
  • README FIX: default keybinding for the searcher on OSX (gekkie808)