Light Table 0.6.6

02 Jun 2014 - Chris Granger

Happy to announce a new, and fairly big, release of Light Table today! The highlight of this release comes from moving LT to CodeMirror 4, which gives us multiple cursors, tons of performance improvements, and a few other little editing niceties. Here’s a list of the new multiple cursors commands:

  • Editor: Set selection to top most cursor
  • Editor: Clear multiple cursors
  • Editor: Insert line after
  • Editor: Insert line before
  • Editor: Select next occurrence of word
  • Editor: Select between brackets
  • Editor: Select scope
  • Editor: Go to bracket
  • Editor: Swap line up
  • Editor: Swap line down
  • Editor: Join lines
  • Editor: Duplicate line
  • Editor: Sort lines
  • Editor: Sort lines insensitive
  • Editor: Select lines upward with multiple cursors
  • Editor: Select lines downward with multiple cursors
  • Editor: Split selection into cursors per line

We had tons of contributions, so thanks so much to all of you for the pull requests and refinements you have all put in! Here’s the full changelist:


  • FIX: combine try-read catches now that :default is available in cljs (cldwalker)
  • FIX: tweak show-docs command to open only one doc (snufkon)
  • FIX: update solarized (ccspell and gozala)
  • FIX: source map urls were not correctly encoded (nickgieschen)
  • FIX: Ignore case when sorting plugins (seancaffery)
  • FIX: Remove windowVerbatimArguments to fix pathing issues for processes on windows
  • FIX: Push the initial position onto the stack when jumping (joshuafcole)
  • FIX: remove warning from eclipse theme (Bost)
  • FIX: don’t move the search forward after every keypress (jamii)
  • FIX: Prevent font settings from being unnecessarily updated (ibdknox)
  • ADDED: Multiple cursor commands from CM4
  • ADDED: Multiple fonts support (ykomatsu)
  • ADDED: reasonable default keybindings for zoom (cldwalker)
  • ADDED: select the previous search text when bringing up the searcher (Bost)
  • ADDED: Report bug button on welcome screen (Tyrieke Morton)
  • ADDED: Editor: Set options for line commenting behavior (cldwalker)
  • ADDED: you can right click to copy an inline result (cldwalker)
  • API: make tab and tabset menus extensible (mortalapeman)
  • API: log context changes (ndr-qef)
  • API: checks for required keys in commands (cldwalker)
  • API: add copy and paste platform functions (cldwalker)
  • API: open-path function (cldwalker)
  • API: Make $ and $$ multi-arity (mortalapeman)
  • API: editor.add-gutter and remove-gutter functions (seancaffery)
  • UPDATED: CodeMirror 4!
  • UPDATED: CodeMirror modes