We're hiring!

Two years ago we started on our goal to make programming better with Light Table. Now we’re working on bringing programming to everyone with Eve.

As it exists today, programming is unnecessarily complex and obtuse. It takes years of dedicated training to tell a computer what to do, but being able to do so is nothing short of a modern day superpower. We want to put that power in the hands of everyone, not by dumbing programming down, but by finding the right foundation upon which it should sit.

It’s a problem that touches every aspect of computing from compilers and databases to human-computer interaction and cognitive science. To find a solution, we’re revisiting foundational research, imagining what computation should be, and testing our ideas with actual humans.

We’re a small team in San Francisco and we’re looking for a few others who are willing to go way outside the box with us. If this sounds like your cup of tea, send us an email at jobs@kodowa.com. We’d love to talk.

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